Press Kit

The Story

I can remember being wildly obsessed with my school planner in middle school. I would cut out quotes and images from magazines that fit my personality and tape them to the covers of my planner. I had every single gelly roll pen that was created and would color-code my assignments in my planner and decorate accordingly.

Little did I know, that over 15 years later, I'd learn that there was an entire community of people that were just like me. I fell into the rabbit hole when I discovered the #planneraddict hashtag on Instagram.

I reignited my creative side of planning and began making my own stickers, then I decided to open up my shop on Etsy and have since migrated to my own website.

My name is Carla and I am the everything behind the scenes of Plan-It Planet as well as the original creator of our beloved Luna character. Luna became the official character of Plan-It Planet on February 9, 2017. 


Brand Assets

Our logo is circular in shape and contains a planet in the middle with our name and two stars around it. The planet is of Uranus and our colors are teal and pink.

The correct spelling of our name is "Plan-It Planet" which includes a hyphen. It is essentially pronounced the same with each word. 

On social media, it is often spelled without the hyphen and also sometimes abbreviated to "PIP".


Social Media

We are often known as PlanItPlanet on social media, without the hyphen. Occasionally, like with our website, we are also PlanItPlanetShop and PlanItCarla

Our official accounts are as listed below: