When will my item ship?
Typically, items ship within 5-7 business days from the date of order. During large sales or promotions, processing time could be a bit longer. Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email informing you of such and be provided a tracking number.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we do. International orders are sent with tracking, as well.

Can you lower the shipping price?
Unfortunately, we cannot. Shipping is calculated by the United States Postal Service.

When will my order arrive?
Generally, domestic orders can arrive anywhere between 3 and 14 business days, sometimes longer. International orders could take up to a month to be delivered and in some cases, longer. We have no way to know for sure when an item will reach its destination.

Why isn't my tracking updating?
When we create a shipping label for an order, we make sure that the email sent to you notifying you of your order shipment is sent no earlier than 24 hours before the day that the item is mailed at the post office or picked up by a mail carrier. Occasionally, the postal service doesn't scan the item once received. Other times, packages aren't scanned along the way either, which could make it seem like the package isn't moving or is lost. Typically, they still show up as expected and there's no need to be alarmed.

Why doesn't my promo code apply to all the items in my cart?
There are some listings in our shop that are not eligible for discounts of any kind. When using a promo code at checkout, the discount will be only applied to those items that are eligible for promotion.

What kind of paper do your stickers come on?
Most of our stickers are printed in high quality on white, matte, removable paper. The removable paper allows you to remove the sticker and reposition it if necessary without damaging the paper. The sheets that do not come with removable paper are the $2 Tuesday stickers, freebies, and uncoiling stickers.

Do you do custom orders or take requests?
Currently, I am not accepting custom orders, aside from the currently available custom Polaroid Zip skins. However, you're welcome to fill out the form on my blog with ideas for stickers you'd like to see in my shop. You might see your recommendation show up in the shop in the future.

Can you combine shipping for my multiple orders?
If your order hasn't been prepared for shipment, then yes. Otherwise, your orders will arrive separately. If you'd like to combine your orders, please email us to do so and we can tell you if that's an option. If so, the shipping for one of your orders will be refunded to you and both orders will ship together.

Do you offer gift cards?
At this time, we do not, but in the very near future, this option will be available to our customers.

Can I RAK an order to someone?
Absolutely! Go through the checkout process as you normally would, but be sure to change the shipping address to the person you'd like to RAK the order to.

I forgot to use my promo code, what can I do?
Unfortunately, the promo code must be provided at checkout and cannot be added after the order is placed.

Can I cancel my order?
We're pretty quick about processing orders, but if your order hasn't been prepared for shipment, you still have time to cancel the order. However, any orders prepared for shipment or already shipped cannot be canceled.