Frequently Asked Questions


When will my order ship?

Do you offer international shipping?

Can you lower the shipping price?

When will my order arrive?

Why isn't my tracking updating?

Can you combine shipping for multiple orders?

What are these customs charges?


Why doesn't my promo code apply to all the items in my cart?

Do you do custom orders?

Do you offer gift cards?

Can I RAK an order to someone?

I forgot to use my promo code. What can I do?

Can I cancel my order?


What kind of paper do your stickers come on?

How big are your buttons?

Can I scan your stickers?

Luna Loot Subscription

What comes in a Luna Loot Subscription?

When will I receive my first Luna Loot?

How do I cancel my subscription?

When does my card get charged every month?

How do I update my address or billing information?

I have a discount code for Luna Loot, how do I use it?

Digital Downloads

How do I download my digital purchases?

Can I share my downloads with others?

Can I sell products with your files?

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